Afternoon with Stephan :)

Well, this was an interesting afternoon… Although I expected to stay no longer than one hour, I ended up leaving after 2 and a half. :) The company was too pleasant to leave. :P

I also had the opportunity to shoot the main river crossing Bucharest, during the afternoon and night. The lights were amazing to watch but a pain in the ass when I was supposed to take pictures. I had to give up my camera to Stephan at some point, cause he was keen on showing his talent…. Oh well, let’s just say he’s a novice. My camera wasn’t able to focus a couple of times and that drove him (and me) nuts after a while…. Not to mention that I didn’t have my tripod. And once night fell, it was getting difficult. It was as if my camera knew we had problems and when we least expected the battery was gone. :( But took some pictures just to fulfill my need for photography and his to be a model for a day.

He is handsome, isn’t he, cousin? He, he…..


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