Well, like I wrote in my real diary yesterday, I did go on my own to the park today, but not to read or anything, just to take photos and chill a bit after the exam today. Woke up too early for my taste, came home for lunch and slept for two hours. Hmm…. lovely. Read some more from this book I got from the British Council. Then my folks came and took mum for a walk. Actually, she went to this shoe store, while I was wondering on my own through the park nearby.

I must say, it’s been a while since I’ve been on my own anywhere. Park, no park. I always had someone with me. So I kind of came out of the box for an hour and just strolled. :D It felt good and it would have felt even better if there weren’t so many small children (yelling, I don’t care about the quiet ones) and so many dogs. I bet they aren’t even allowed in the park or on the grass, the dogs, I mean. Ah well, the park is too silent to yell at them to go away.

Took some pictures, some are below. There was this girl who approached me at some point to ask me some questions, reminded me about Stephan. Yeah…. I’ll stop now.

ps. Must be tired already of these pictures of dogs, ducks and all that. I know I am. :|


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