The Marker in concert

Listening to the Marker as I’m writing this. The guys are on repeat since yesterday. Or is it more than yesterday? Probably yes, I tend to have problems with the time frames lately…

So. The band has won the Silver Stag last year. They also took third place in a London festival. They started a tour around the country to raise some money for a kid who has cancer. Yesterday they arrived in Bucharest and held a concert in Fabrica, a club in the centre of the city. So I took my best….hmm…girl friend and went there.

Well….I must say. In fact, I can’t say anything. You must have been there to just….feel it. I always see people going for the front of the scene, to get a better glimpse of the people singing. I am not like that. Well, it’s nice, I agree, but a concert is not about looking to the people, is about listening to the people. So yeah, I went in front, took my pictures, more than 50, and then backed away. Just listen, feel the music, feel the beat, feel the message, feel the voices, swing to the music, sing with them and….feel. I believe that’s why music was invented, right? I identified myself with too many songs last night. Sadness, love, friendship, life, trapped and….choices. Compromise. Choices again.

The light was poor. Didn’t want to ruin my pictures using the flash, like the rest, so stood as still as I could and turned the VR and it finally turned out ok. Still blurry here and there, but I am pleased. Two of my favs are below, others as well. ISO was high, 1600 if I’m not mistaken, hence the occasional noise. Other than this, I wish it lasted more, I wish someone else was there too. And I wish people could feel more. And understand more. Without words that clearly express something. Without context, without explanations, just understand how one feels about another. Enjoy the pictures and keep on the lookout for these guys. Thank you Paul, Claudiu, Andrei and Octav!

P.s. Class, Bodo and Alexandra Ungureanu were invited to open the show.


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