Friend’s birthday

Well, nothing much to show when it comes to photography on this particular day. Just wanted to share with my readers.

Met with Anca yesterday, after several days when we didn’t see each other. It’s hard to bear when she’s the only one left to talk to. I mean, in Bucharest. Who else is there? There might be the sisters, but they spend their time with their own community and I can barely drag them to a movie.

Bought her a book as a birthday present. My imagination is close to nil regarding gifts. She is my best female friend and I have known her for 14 years. Maybe that’s why I know she will appreciate the present, no matter what it is. As long as it’s not some weird freaky thing that she doesn’t know how to look at. Ah well, I also managed to record a MJ documentary from TV and gave her the DVD, along with some music and some pictures from graduation that I took of her (and Eddie, as I am constantly reminded :P ).

So yeah. Been working on my bachelor paper final look, took the covers, placed the paper inside and now it looks like s*** in my opinion. At least the colour is my taste.

A picture for posterity is below. Quality low because was taken with mobile phone. I miss the Samsung Omnia when it comes to mobile photos. :(

Print it in Moleskine MSK format


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