Brasov… after a long time

Edited Sunday, 18th July 2010:

Well, this was it. My last trip to Brasov, as my dad would put it. Or the most awesome trip to Brasov as I would say. Waking up at 6 a.m. was worth it. The 170 pictures are the proof of this. 170 pieces of memory.

I spent time with my next best friends after all my sisters. Actually I would put them up there, all on the first place, on a pedestal or something. These guys simply rock. I don’t know what it is that makes me care so much. Maybe the craziness, maybe…..fate? Maybe it was meant to be, for me to meet them. The thing is that it was not because I saw so many things I didn’t see while I was there previously. It’s the company and the time I spend with them that matters.

Why is this my last trip? Because they will go to America to work there (probably) starting this fall and I won’t hear from them except on messenger. And next time I go to Brasov, who knows how old will I be and in what circumstances? Life is weird. I don’t expect anything from the future. If it happens, then it will probably be the best thing ever.

Pictures below. It was hard to choose which to put here. Enjoy!

P.S. Corina updated her blog with her own pictures from when we went shooting.


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