Worldwide photowalk

So yesterday I went with the guys from on a photowalk around Bucharest, as part of a worldwide initiative of taking pictures. Can’t really say that the itinerary was special or that Bucharest had something prepared for us, but I managed to see places that I haven’t even seen before and with some awesome company as well.

Here was the official plan (and I think we stuck to it) : Mitropolia, Bd Regina Maria, Str. 11 Iunie, Str. G. Georgescu, Piata Regina Maria, Str. C. Bosianu, Str. Mitropolit Filaret, Autogara Filaret, Str. Cutitul de Argint, Parcul Carol, Str. Candiano Popescu, Str. Frigului, Calea Serban Voda, Piata Unirii. Pictures below. And more on Enjoy!


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