Move the mountains, into the sea…

7 days trip to Moieciu and the Metropolitan Area of Brasov, as it is called now. It includes also Rasnov, apparently. The location is not that important, but the fact that I loved the pictures taken here more than I did those in Italy. Yes, this is possible. With me, anything is possible.

It was a treat, going from 35 to 25 degrees Celsius (or even less during the evenings). Weather was fine, cloudy at most, and wind was blowing occasionally. Lots of families, with children. Made me think of things again. Lots of photographs with children, therefore. Couldn’t exercise my portraits too much, that’s why I took every opportunity I saw.

Pictures below. Holiday almost over. Probably stranded in Bucharest for the rest of it.

P.s. Most of photos edited with Alien Skin Exposure 3. I’m considering buying the software. But then again, I’m against photo editing. However, recently I’ve begun editing them. Weird.

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