Cismigiu in black and white

Location: Cismigiu Park

Time of day: 11-13.20.

Other info: We have gathered here today… Uhmm, on Saturday, to take pictures with the whole group from the photo course. Didn’t actually know why in this park particularly, but once Razvan told us what we were supposed to shoot, it was clear that we had a lot of subjects around.

Three ideas: shadows in plonje, portraits at eye level and trees in racourci. In other words: hunt for shadows on the pavement, people that you should look in the eye through the lens and trees seen from below.

Decided to convert to black and white for a change.

Maybe next post I’ll be putting portraits again, but not mine. :D I’m expecting a certain lens to arrive at Corinette’s place so that we can go out and test it. Shame it doesn’t match the Nikon too. I would have loved to see how a 50 mm looks like on my LCD.



It’s Tuesday. Check previous post. It’s still valid.

“Iubirea e banala. Iti provoaca o intoxicatie chimica foarte asemanatoare cu aceea data de o reusita mult asteptata sau de mersul cu mare viteza. In acele momente, nu mai tinem cont de nimic si ne concentram doar asupra propriei noastre delectari; viata de zi cu zi ne este distorsionata si devenim irationali: ne simtim fericiti si ni se pare ca totul este posibil. […]

Iubirea perfecta nu poate fi dobandita niciodata. Tocmai de aceea iubirea trebuie sa moara atunci cand isi atinge intensitatea maxima; e la fel ca un trandafir care nu are decat o sansa, anume sa fie taiat cand floarea sa a atins frumusetea desavarsita. O planta moarta si pastrata in ierbar poate sa incante ochii ani de-a randul. O iubire curmata in clipa cand a devenit foarte pasionala are puterea de a vraji oamenii timp de secole intregi.

Mitul iubirii este o nascocire a basmelor, la fel de ireala si improbabila ca un orgasm continuu.”



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