Two love stories

Location: My place.

Other info: Used two of my friends and two of my cameras. The second approach was the idea of Vlad, for which I’m grateful. There was also the idea of doing it without the human presence, only the shoes, but it would have been harder to induce the feeling of motion.

The cameras are a Sony and a Canon, respectively. I remember when I used to shoot with that small Canon when I was in high school. The Sony is way more advanced than my Nikon. For example, I discovered the bracketing function that I so desperately looked for, and not only that, but it comes in three options too. I don’t even have one on my camera.

Well… we’ll see how I did tonight at the course. Oh, and I sooooo need a real studio of my own.

The pictures below are taken mostly for the story behind, not for the looking good of the pictures, I didn’t really care about that.

Cristina is wearing my shoes. :D

When a heart breaks, it doesn’t break even. One of the nicest lyrics I heard today in my ears.

And I smelled your perfume next to me yesterday. But it wasn’t you sitting there.



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