Location: Mogosoaia Palace, on the outskirts of Bucharest.

Time of day: 12.30-14.00

Other info: Cloudy, slightly snowing. Received instructions to work on Manual, but all my pictures came out white, so I switched to Aperture instead. Also instructed to over-expose due to the massive amount of snow. That didn’t quite work either. So I kind of modified as I went and it was the first time I spent so much time on exposure compensation. Another reason to hate snow… Shot in RAW, but still not many details in the snow and sky. Edited blacks and contrast in Photoshop.

Leaving the technical aside, it was my first visit to Mogosoaia. Friday, when I found out we were going to go there, I was very excited. It was nice, quiet most of the time and we had a lot of time at our disposal to complete the two tasks: landscape photography. Not my favorite, but it is growing on me. I would have loved the evening sun and some shadows. Maybe next time. 30 minutes drive from the center, on the highway to Targoviste. Next time we visit our relatives in the countryside, I’m asking for a detour. :)

Once there was a boy. He befriended many single girls. And then came a girl who didn’t want to be friends with him anymore. And she was sure she wasn’t the only one thinking that way. But he’d rather ignore that. A handsome fellow, who knew that girls were likely to be like that, fall for him, and liked the idea too much to give it up. He had too many regrets, but still didn’t do anything. Why not simply resume to contact when needed, and nothing more? Because the mind of any single girl will go far beyond the entertainment that the boy usually saw. Fun doesn’t equal friendship.

Moral? There is no such thing as pure friendship.

….o sa trec peste tine pentru ca nu am incotro…


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