I thought I put some of the stuff I had to work on for the portfolio. Not very impressive… I have to choose 15 photographs to give to Razvan and he’ll look over them and choose together the best 5.

In two weeks, everything will be over. There’s this feeling I can’t get rid of. It’s like the end of something nice. Of something big. Of a beautiful friendship. Tomorrow we’re going to the studio to shoot portraits under controlled light conditions. Tomorrow I will see exactly where I stand, if I like doing this for a living, if I can handle the job. Next week, we’re going to the seaside. No idea what we’re going to do there…. Except modelling for each other, I can’t imagine what photos I could take of the sea. Don’t particularly like the seaside, but then again, this might change when I see it on my own.

So, below some self portraits (use of light), some golfing issues (Corinet supplied me with the actual golf ball, I’m lucky to have her) and of course….smoke. Had to wait for a whole hour to get the smell out of my room and get to sleep (did the whole experiment at 10 p.m.), not to mention the coordination between using the remote, firing the external flash and blowing into the smoke to create some distinguishing shapes.

Next posts: portraits and night photography. Get ready for some pretty impressive shots for the second one. :D

….like the deserts miss the rain…

But how could they? I mean…they never knew rain, so they can’t feel how it’s like to miss it, right?


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