Nighty night

Location: Pasajul Victoria and the park in front of the Atheneum.

Time of night: 20.00-22.00

Other info: Shot long exposures, of 10 seconds or more. Used a lot the tripod and the flash. For the pictures with flash, some pretty nice effects were achieved, mostly that cool ghostly appearance. Anca met with her twin sister she didn’t even know existed.

Next: macro photos taken with a compact camera….just to prove that the camera sometimes is not so important.

I have a twin. Not many people have seen it, because most of the time, she stays hidden. But from time to time, it surfaces only to make sure that I keep the right track, don’t wonder off too far or don’t do something too stupid.

But lately…she fails in each advice she gives me. And I stopped listening to what she says. I’m doing it my way. All the way.


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