Going closer

Location: Cismigiu Park and my place.

Time of day: 12.00 – 14.00 for Cismigiu.

Other info: These photos were taken with a compact camera, Sony DSC-W290, 12 megapixels, which doesn’t allow too many settings to be modified by the user, like aperture or shutter speed. You can set only ISO, which doesn’t really count as a real setting in clear sky conditions.

So you see….it doesn’t matter the size…but what you do with it. :) Enjoy! Coming next….don’t know yet.

P.s. Inserted a photo taken by Razvan.

I think my eyes have been drained of tears. But everything else is still there…


I want to forget. Leave the country. It’s the only way I can escape from this. I want everything or no more.

I want a sign. To tell me if I’m wrong…. To tell me what to do….Cause I don’t know what to do anymore.

This is….it.


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