Location: Botanical Garden, Bucharest, Romania

Time of day: Mid-day.

Other info: Finally found the courage to get out and take photographs of plants, a thing I don’t enjoy much, but like to see in other’s work. Not having a macro lens or filter, couldn’t get too close, but I’m satisfied. Not going to make a living out of it, so I don’t plan to invest in any gear that might help me in this respect.

This is the first time I have seen the greenhouses open, with an exotic plant exhibition to visit. Massive plants but also smaller ones. Inside is a freaking high temperature and when I left, it seemed that the summer wasn’t outside, but in. The garden itself was packed with smaller specimens of our kind and I kind of avoided them as much as I could. Wasn’t in the mood for being pointed and looked at.

A bird with a red/orange beak was singing at some point. On the petals you could see tears…

Niciodata sa scrii despre dragoste…Chiar si in alta limba decat cea materna… Totul suna a desertaciune, nimic nu pare posibil. E doar o frustrare interioara. Oricat ai incerca sa o ascunzi intr-o alta limba…ea iese la suprafata oricum. Tipa a disperare. O cauza pierduta. Cuvintele de pe hartie sunt tipetele inimii tale, care parca abia rasufla. Nu mai poate. Trebuie sa impartaseasca cuiva tot ce simte… Sa lase totul in exterior.

O fi murit vreo inima de prea multa dragoste? Dar de prea multa ura?

Se spune ca de la dragoste la ura nu e decat un singur pas. Pasul acela….e mare sau mic? Daca e mare, putem sta linistiti. Daca e mic….aici e problema. Te poti impiedica din greseala si totul se duce de rapa. Gata. Urasti si nu mai poti da inapoi.

S-o fi intors cineva din acest drum al urii, inapoi pe cel al dragostei? Si daca s-a intors, exista vreo marturie in acest sens? As vrea sa o vad. Sa-mi zic ca se poate…

O fi murit cineva de prea mult dor?…

Si daca s-ar scrie despre dor….ce s-ar spune? Ca sfasie inima….ca te lasa fara suflare…ca uiti de tine? Pai si atunci…ce ar mai face dragostea din om?…

L-ar salva de toate acestea…


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