Street Delivery 2011

Location: Arthur Verona Street, Bucharest, Romania

Time of day: 12.45 – 13.30

Other info: There is a site for this thing that was organized starting Friday and lasting till today, so if you want to know more than I can tell you, google it. Managed to talk to Ana late in the night and establish to meet today, when the sun comes out. Luckily, it did, around ten in the morning. So we went.

I must say, what I remember from last year’s edition, was that I was given a free drink and that it smelled kind of crappy in some places…

This year…. the smell was still there :)) The free drink was not. In fact, everything was not free. Except from some stickers which were “moca” but couldn’t actually see them, so I guess they ran out pretty soon. T-shirts were ok, though, cheap but I didn’t want to spoil the money. Saw a kind of wallet made out of a kind of paper-like material, water-proofed and 2-year wear-free, which was an interesting concept, were it not for the fact that it was imported from USA and it was expensive. Also, in the same category, a watch made entirely out of paper. Hmm…still trying to see whether I’m okay with the idea…

Many children, playing, drawing, walking, eating… Lots of drunk people, all sitting at a table. How can you get drunk so early during the day??? Lots of older people as well… There was this stage at the end of the street, but no band was playing yet.

Glad we went. I was also considering going in the afternoon for a softer light, but apparently we chose well, cause right now it’s raining outside and I wasn’t going to get soaked just to see some street art which didn’t quite impress after all.

Oh, I almost forgot. There was this place that did leave a mark. The classical photography corner, where people came with an actual old-school¬†daguerreotype. I was like…..whaaaaaaat??? And they were taking pictures as well. They had their own dark room where they could manipulate the picture. There’s a pic below with the camera. :)


4 thoughts on “Street Delivery 2011

  1. Ce poze cu numele meu pe ele..:) It feels…goood!! :P A fost draguuutz…ai uitat sa zici de un cozonacel f bun, cu de de jucariile alea foarte expensive, dar interesante ca idee :D si ce poze faine ar fi iesit daca ne-ar fi prins ploaia…sa-ti treci in agenda un photshoot cu tema asta :)) Te pup Ioana draga!!

    1. :))) chiar ca o fo’ fain. Te pomenesti ca a inceput sa-ti placa fotografia ;)) de cozonacel n-am mai zis ca nu stiam cum se zice in engleza :))

  2. is there any way i can reach you? your mail address wont work and you dont seem to be online with your messenger too often ^^

    1. couuuuuusiiiiiiiin, yeah I know, I cancelled the e-mail address from hotmail cause I was getting too much spam :| anyways, i’ll log on on messenger from now on :) i’m on holiday so we can talk more :P

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