Urban festival – Alexandrina concert

Location: Matasari Street

Time of day: 14.00 – 15.30

Other info: An urban festival, called “Femei pe Matasari”. A whole street full of stands, similar to Street Delivery, but this time, meant for women. I only went for Alexandrina’s concert. It said in the schedule she’ll be playing the piano right on the street, which sounded kind of nice, so I grabbed my camera and 55-200 lens and off I went. Saw a couple of guys I knew, taking photos as well, and apparently the whole bunch gathered there was either holding a DSLR, a compact or a mobile phone to capture the moment.

It was my first Alexandrina concert, I barely had listened to one of the songs before, so I was fresh meat. People knew her songs by heart of course… She was like a doll. Lovely. She was late, but what did it matter? She gathered the crowd and won them over, if that was even necessary.

Concerts are planned to start later in the evening, but never heard of those names…

Next post: rainy stuff. Planning a photoshoot for Tuesday, and this time I will have help and we will make it rain….without clouds. :D

If someone knocked on my skin, would it sound hollow inside?…

Only God knows what’s in my heart….


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