Rain…in the sun

Location: Cismigiu Park

Time of day: Hmm…around 16.00.

Other info: E-mailed Razvan a couple of days ago and told him I want to take on his offer of going out to photograph. Given the fact I wanted to shoot something connected to rain, he agreed on doing two things: real and fake rain.

So….today we did the fake part. However, I won’t put too many photos…cause they’re not artistic in that sense, but rather experimental and good visuals for exposure and technique practice.

Used his Nikon D300s, a very heavy piece of equipment for my small hands… The lens was a 18-200 mm VR. Used even the flash at some point… Loved the lens :D. The sweet part was made out of some almond cookies he bought from Starbucks and a very good ice-cream from this store that was close to my university but which I have never bought from.

So now I have to watch the weather forecast and plan the next shoot thoroughly. Except the sweet part, which I told him is not going to happen.

Put difficult and weird together like we did today….turns our weird.

Put difficult and difficult together tomorrow…will it turn out difficult?


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