Location: Anca’s flat.

Time of day: Irrelevant

Other info: Edited the “fairy effect” in Photoshop. The pictures were originally green-yellow-ish due to the light bulb of the source.

Whoever wants a photoshoot, contact me. Loving it. :D

The human mind sure is a complex place. I put myself in the shoes of a neuron and think about it for a while. You have millions of others just like you around and you don’t have to connect but with some of them. You are shaken by electrical impulses which you pass on to the next in line. Information passes you each nano-second. You know there’s nothing you can do to stop it, except to die.

There are lots of correlations to be made here. I feel like a neuron in the sense that I have many fellows around me, but don’t connect with them all, just a select few. The rest…I don’t need to. The select few are the ones who give info and who expect me to pass it on. Except that I’m only shaken by an impulse from time to time. That impulse is the moment when I feel the most at peace. Is the moment when everything seems just right, in balance, zen…whatever you call it. It’s the moment when I know for sure I’m happy and I receive the electricity willingly. When I don’t, I don’t. You can’t talk me through, you can’t exchange with me anything. I don’t exist.

A neuron can’t connect to another which is not close to him, in distance. So I must remain loyal to those who are close and have learned how I work and when it’s the right time to shock me.

My mind is different. I am different.


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