Listening to the grass

Location: Izvor Park

Time of day: 6.30 – 8.00 p.m.

Other info: Two photographers, one model, and one hard photoshoot. And it’s not the last one that will be done this summer…

More photos, soon on the Facebook page. These are just to give you a gist of what happened, he he.

Cousin didn’t really like the teddy bear, but I think it was a great prop, in the end. Fits her personality, I think.

On the more personal side, I’ve been told some unexpected things lately, coming from my friends. One of them said I look different, in the sense that I act differently, I am more determined, more confident in myself, more fulfilled. I was taken aback, didn’t expect that.

I feel different, in the sense that I act as I want to, not caring much about what others want me to act like. Sounds a bit weird, but I’m doing things in the way that suits my needs, not others. I’m done with that. No more trying to be someone I’m not. If that translates itself into not being as sociable as I once was, maybe it means that I had done everything by being the “mama ranitilor” for too many people and I forget about myself in the process.

Changes are imminent. Something wicked this way comes…

P.s. I’ve been cooking a lot lately. First there was this brownie recipe from Jamie Oliver, that I baked with my cousin and it turned out beautiful. Then, the potato souffle, which turned out delicious. Today we’re having this kind of “Cireasa de pe tort”-style meeting, with me, cousin, my best friend and my best photographer friend and we are all cooking one random recipe and we’re going to eat what the rest are cooking and it will all turn out to be a huge cooking spree. I’m doing a goat-cheese and dried tomatoes kind of tart and cousin is making a mascarpone cake. The rest will be a total surprise.

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