Taking a leap

Location: Japanese Garden, Herastrau, Bucharest

Time of day: 15.45 – 18.30

Other info: Meet the guys and girls from LEAP, Romanian NGO. I have known the president way before she even knew which high-school to pick. One of the friends I respect most for what she has done and what she dreams of becoming.

More photos @ Facebook page.

My post with The script songs made a guy happy for two days. Completely taken by surprise by such a nice statement. Face to face is very different than the online world. Uhmm… :) The power of lyrics and the power of two songs apparently are huge.

The key to forget and move on lies in my friends.

Quiero…demasiado por lo que puedo aguantar, me parece. Y que poedo hacer? Todo es ja fuera de mi poder. Si no consigo lo que quiero, lo mas logico es renunciar a todo, por no perder mi cabeza. Al vezes, gente cree que soi loca. Puede ser. Puede ser que mi corazon me mandava segnales desde mucho tiempo. Tal vez no es muy tarde de cambiar…


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