Location: My flat.

Time of day: who cares?

Other info: Shot on a glass desk, flash fired sometimes.

More photos here, in the album called Static.

So basically these are macro photos of random stuff around the house. Technical data: Nikon D40x (yes, still. not selling it just now….other expenses coming up, he he, you’ll see pictures soon enough and will see what I’m talking about. cousin, I believe my dad briefed you on the matter. and it’s happening sooner than expected, as in next week ^^) and 35mm lens, SB-700 flash fired in some of the pictures, by use of FM radio transmitter on camera (set on tripod).

This week’s main events:

  • photoshoot with two friends of mine, tomorrow.
  • road trip to Ploiesti on Saturday, wedding organizer by myself…. boss is not coming with us :)
  • photoshoot with another friend, she needs professional photos taken, cause she wants to apply for a job that involves planes and going up in the air (should have been on Sunday, but postponed to next week).

Next week, photos of the big surprise that I mentioned above.

This being said, here are three of the pictures.

P.s. Cousin, I ordered the “Light it, shoot it” book from Scott Kelby, on Amazon. Ships at the end of the month. :D

Have you ever wondered how it’s like to have a clock instead of a heart? Yeah, me neither. But once I finish the book I’m reading now, you’ll get a gist.


2 thoughts on “x2

    1. I edited your comment (cause I can do that muahahaha) not to spoil the surprise. i’ll reply to you in private ;)

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