Si acum nu mai esti aici. Ai plecat pe pamant strain, unde nu te mai pot atinge cu gandurile mele. Nu stiu unde esti, si nu pot ajunge la tine. Nu stiu ce simti, ca sa stiu daca sa rad cu tine sau sa te sprijin.

In one blink of the eye, you turned around. In another blink, you kissed one cheek, then one blink and another cheek. You let go. Two blinks and you turned and said you should hug me as well. Two blinks, you hold on. One blink, you let go. One blink, safe trip. One blink…and that was all.

A few more glances after the x-ray machine. The body lotion. You making the telephone sign.

Heading for arrivals. You called. Was unable to speak much. We forgot about the lotion. But at least, I heard your voice again.

You texted me while I was waiting for my train. You were taking off and sending me hugs.

And now… you’re not here anymore.

This is how I saw it. In blinks of an eye.


Un avion pe cer. Vantul inca nu zicea nimic. Eu ma uitam in sus.

“Si daca…”

Vroiam sa alerg dupa el. Dar nu ma puteam misca. Eram asezata intr-o cusca invizibila. Nu puteam iesi. Zgaltaiam de bare si nimic nu se intampla.

Si vantul totusi nu zicea nimic. M-am ghemuit, acolo, in varf, si m-am inchis in mine.


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