Wow, o noua interfata WordPress. Dragut.

Ok, for my fans out there, the Tumblr is not yet indexed by Google, I tried searching, but it couldn’t find it, even with the right name. My bad. But hopefully soon they will index it, probably it takes a while.

But I know that I have given the link, you just have to look for it. Harder. ;) Or just wait for Google. Or talk to Irina, who has the link :))

The picture below is taken with a Tamron 28-75 mm 2.8, courtesy of Costi. :) Thank you for letting me play with it. I must say, it’s the most expensive lens that was mounted on my camera, as far as I remember.

So, whoever wants to go shooting, you’re invited. Looking forward to shooting portraits with this lens, which supposedly is macro. :))


Vantul nu mai vorbeste cu mine. Au trecut cateva zile.

Dar eu simt la fel. Sau aproape la fel. Nu imi mai e atat de frig ca inainte.

“Daca ma auzi, lasa-ma. Lasa-ma in pace!” i-am spus vantului. “Nu poti face nimic sa ma schimbi. O sa raman aici o vreme…”

Pentru ca asa vreau eu.

Yeah, it’s a muffin.



2 thoughts on “Update

    1. Ah, forgot about that…but I don’t know which is more expensive :))
      Yeah, homemade, after the recipe we tried this summer.

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