Citat din…ceva

Marti, noiembrie 1

The ability to hide our emotions is way ahead of our thinking. We don’t even think as far as how we should do it, we just do it. Instinctively. It’s a process outside the human brain, it comes like breathing. Unlike the brain, the heart knows. It knows when people lie, it knows when one should stop lying and one shouldn’t believe what is being said.
But because there is no correlation with the brain, the poor heart tries in vain to fight the truth and let it all out in the open. The brain won’t buy it.
And so, we continue our existence trying to overcome the power that the brain has upon us, and try to listen to our hearts once in a while. Sometimes, from this clash, the heart comes out injured.
I’m in the middle of such a clash. My brain, the rational part, won’t listen to the heart, and the heart, the emotional part, tries to skip a beat, just to make sure that the brain gets the message.
Our ability to hide our feelings from one another is a form of lying. It’s not the softest, nor the hardest. But it’s lying. And the brain should be told that. One way or another. Maybe the heart should skip a few more beats.


Pe 1 si pe 2 noiembrie am filozofat. Mult. Trebuie sa renunt la jurnalul in engleza. E greu cand recitesti.
Pacat ca n-am scris si ce s-a intamplat atunci…


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