O singura greseala si se duce totul de rapa… Urasc Facebook cateodata, sincer… Pierdut comentarii si like-uri la unele poze din album. Repostat, dar parca nu mai e la fel. :( Pare copilaresc sa ma plang de asa ceva, dar sincer… Pentru un fotograf, inseamna mult. Faptul ca unii oameni apreciaza si arata asta. Sunt multi care privesc si trec peste. E doar un like sau un comment in minus. Dar pentru mine inseamna feedback. They liked it. They fucking liked it!!! Inseamna ca sunt pe drumul cel bun. Inseamna ca transmit ceva macar unei persoane.

If beds could speak, what would they say? The story they will tell will be nothing else but the truth. And no one could deny it, because the beds have spoken. It’s something that has been kept in their sheets, like a secret.

And the book you see, just finished. Review will precede this post, obviously.

Rain keeps us inside. In our beds. Our faithful beds.


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