Caderea celor mari…

“Do you remember the story of Ruth, in the Bible?”

“Of course. Why?”

Maud had read it several times in the last few weeks, and now she quoted the words that had so moved her. “Whither thou goest I will go, and where thou lodgest I will lodge; thy people shall be my people, and thy God, my God; where thou diest…” She stopped, unable to speak for the constriction in her throat; then, after a moment, she swallowed hard and resumed. “Where thou diest will I die, and there I will be buried.”

Sa zicem ca a fost o carte buna. Actiunea se petrece inaintea, in timpul si dupa Primul Razboi Mondial. Cateva planuri narative sunt stabilite de la inceputul cartii si se incurca pe parcurs. Perspectivele sunt ale oamenilor simpli si ale oamenilor bogati.

Feluri diferite de a vedea societatea, dragostea, sexul si asa mai departe. Scene cuminti si nu prea, razboi din plin atunci cand in sfarsit se porneste. In rest, parca o asteptare continua… Pentru ce, nu stiu. Eu tot ma asteptam sa mai cada cate un om bogat, ca doar ii zice “Fall of giants”. In 800 de pagini au avut tot timpul sa cada. Dar nu au facut-o. Ceea ce ma face sa cred ca e vorba de o altfel de cadere.

O intreaga perioada vazuta prin ochii unor britanici, rusi, nemti si americani.

When Billy had asked his father at what age he should begin taking a vocal part in the service, Da had said: “There’s no rule. We follow where the Holy Spirit leads.”

He gazed back at her. “You are absolutely enchanting” he said in a low voice; then he kissed her again. This time she pushed him away. “My Lord, what are you doing?” she said in a shocked whisper. “I don’t know.” “But what can you be thinking of?” “I’m not thinking at all.”

The mad thought crossed his mind that Katerina might be a dream. He turned, half expecting her chair to be empty. But there she was, looking back at him with those blue-green eyes, and he realized he wanted her never to go away. It occurred to him he might be in love.

I’m too old for fairytales. Young women want to lie with young men, and they want it so badly they’ll do it, married or not. Anyone who pretends otherwise is a fool – and that includes your husband, Cara my girl.

I think more people should shoot newspaper editors, Maud said gaily. It might improve the press.

I’m getting married, Maud thought. In the past, whenever she had imagined her wedding, she had assumed it would be like those of all her friends, a long day of tedious ceremony. This was a better way to do things. There had been no planning, no guest list, and no caterer. There would be no hymns, no speeches, and no drunk relations trying to kiss her: just the bride and groom and two people they liked and trusted.

Don’t let them get away – kill them all, or they’ll come back to shoot you another day! Go!

War is war. There’s no safe way to do it.

“Now I call this nice. I got my daughter, my granddaughter and my great-grandson, all in the same room. What more could a man ask of life?” He took a Welsh cake.

A baby was like a revolution, Gregori thought: you could start one, but you could not control how it would turn out.

He was alone in the great park except for a young woman in a light spring coat sitting on a bench beneath a chestnut tree. Deep in thought, he touched the brim of his trilby hat politely as he passed her. “Walter”, she said. His heart stopped. He knew the voice, but it could not be her. He turned and stared. She stood up. “Oh, Walter”, she said. “Did you not know me?” It was Maud. His blood sang in his veins. He took two steps towards her and she threw herself into his arms. He hugged her hard. He buried his face in her neck and inhaled her flagrance, still familiar despite the years. He kissed her forehead and her cheek and then her mouth. He was speaking and kissing at the same time, but neither words nor kisses could say all that was in his heart.





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