The trapped strawberry


Am inceput sa le citesc acum doi ani. Acum doua zile am terminat de citit, dupa ce am inceput din nou.


This hope cannot be postponed

let’s go forever let’s go


‘Oh nothing, how huge you are’


I’m writing on a blank sheet of paper

come on you do the same

it’s the worst day of the year

the soul grumbles

no longer able to rejoin

its own shape

come on do the same


I shout out for myself

like clouds for rain

waiting is accidental truth

How much loneliness it can hold.


This thought has no right

to stay silent forever


The body

turns first to itself

then home


I’m writing back in a great rush

fearing that accidentally


over this letter

as usual

I might forget to send it


one never forgets a woman who’s refused you

you made love with her more often

than with any other

Ultimul… bine zis.


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