Sitting at home, not doing much, except reading for an exam…

This orchid blooms about once a year. I got it last year, for St. John’s. This year bloomed again, around the same date. That’s why from now on I’ll associate this event with this time of the year. :)

I don’t think this project is about doing photographs that will change the world. If I thought that, I wouldn’t have started it. It’s about taking at least one photo each day. Keeping that camera in my hands at least one time each day. I had moments when I didn’t touch it months in a row.

Crappy or not, take them as they are, okay?


2 thoughts on “24/366

  1. Beautiful.
    Orchids are the national flower of my country, Colombia.
    They are very beautiful, and I really like your shot, the black background makes the flower’s details stand out.


    1. Thank you for the comment, I didn’t know that piece of information. By the way, I think you meant white background, right? :)

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