41/366 – 46/366

41/366 Madalina. Went on a walk in the old city. Bought stuff. Talked. Good time.

42/366 Printing stuff for my albums. The process involves adding layers of yellow, blue, magenta and pink to create a final image in approximately one minute. Art.

43/366 Jules. Intended out of focus. Focus is actually on her skin somewhere.

Remind me never to use f1.8 in portraits. My focus slipped numerous times and I noticed only when I saw the photos on my laptop. Oh bugger.

44/366 Team effort to remove the snow.

It’s impossible to get to my car. Snow is 2 meters high in some places… :| My back still aches from shoveling the snow from around the car on Saturday. Now I have to do it again…

45/366 A pair of cake. A different window, same landscape. Snow everywhere.

46/366 Looking out the window for a sign that this is going to stop…


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