59/366 I was caught by the sky today. Fluffy clouds. It feels like spring when I see the sun after a hard winter. Not to mention the birds singing and all that. No more snow. Slowly melting away.

60/366 Corneliu caught in the mirror. He actually stood there, waiting for me to take the picture. That’s who I call a picture-oriented person. We were at this party organized by some friends of mine, who own this Facebook page called Rocambolesque, and for whom I have been taking photos.

61/366 We’re not the only ones who need light. My bamboo was projecting its shadow on my wardrobe.

62/366 Tea, chair and tea-pots. Carturesti surely is the place to sit and talk with friends, over a nice cup of tea. Always.

63/366 Night in Bucharest. After the movie I had to stop to get a photo. It was my last chance to have one for today. ISO was at somewhere near 3200…

64/366 My dwarf has found the secret jar that I put stuff in. Hopefully he won’t tell anybody about that.


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