The blade itself

A friendship between a man and a woman was what you called it when one had been pursuing the other for a long time, and had never got anywhere.

“Give one and take one free!” este motto-ul celor de la Anthony Frost English Bookshop la fiecare sfarsit de saptamana. Ai o carte in limba engleza pe care vrei sa o dai la schimb? Te duci la ei si poti lua alta in schimb, dintr-un teanc facut de ei sau de altii care au venit inaintea ta.

Mai facusem asa ceva mai demult, cu o alta carte. Nici de data asta nu m-a dezamagit alegerea pe care am facut-o.

Looking back at the first novel I read from Abercrombie, “Best served cold”, his characters remain a creation of deep thought. Each has a twist of its own and an elaborate mixture of feelings, despite what we are offered initially. I have enjoyed “The blade itself” more because of the plot, with turns I didn’t expect and in the end, with all the characters united at the same table, only to be sent away again. Looking forward to reading the next books of the series.

Asta e ce am scris pe Goodreads, si chiar nu cred ca mai pot adauga ceva. Ah, da, citate.

I’ve saved a man this year, and only killed four. I’m born again.

The best steel doesn’t always shine the brightest.

Life-the way it really is-is a battle not between good and bad, but between bad and worse.

Luxury meant captivity more surely than the bars of a cage.

Love. What a curse.

As far as I’m concerned you can **** whomever you please, though my general observation has been that, as far as the reputation of young women are concerned, the less f***ing the better. The reverse is true for young men of course. Hardly fair, but then life is unfair in so many ways, this one hardly seems worth commenting on.

P.S. I have changed the theme yet again. Like the way it changes colors depending on the first picture I upload in a post.


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