65/366 Been walking on the boulevard leading to the second biggest construction in the world, after the Pentagon. Yes, Romania is famous for something and it’s that building in the background.

66/366 Irina’s dog. Ill and all that, but still her dog. He frightens me at times with his shivering, but old age should be understood. Animals and humans alike.

67/366 Almost the full moon. I was worried I wouldn’t have a picture for this day, but when I arrived back home and was looking at the night sky, I knew I must capture the clouds surrounding the moon. This is what I got from my bedroom window, third floor.

68/366 Self-portrait. In the morning.

69/366 This is the same flower that I started this project with. Now it’s all closed and cocoon-like. Very delicate.

70/366 Tonight. Around 21:40. Victoriei square in the city centre. I was looking for the moon. It was hidden from sight. It was a shame really, cause yesterday night it was just in the background, up behind the Government building. But I guess I missed my moment. It would have made an awesome shot.


2 thoughts on “65/366-70/366

  1. #69 is my favorite from this set; believe me, I’m not into flower shots, but this one is simple and delicate, that makes it beautiful to me.
    Awesome photos, they all are stunning.

    1. He he, Pablo, neither am I. But I go about the house, with nothing to shoot if I don’t go out…. And I end up looking at flowers!
      Thank you!

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