71/366 Writing in a book journal helps me. It would be nice to find this one after years and years and remember stuff I once read. I usually safe-keep journals and things like that. My memory isn’t the best either, so maybe that’s why.

72/366 Self portrait. Again. No editing in Photoshop, that’s simply how my eyes turned out in camera. I focused on the hair on purpose.

73/366 Have you noticed how much I like sunsets? Or clouds in general? Well, I do. And I tend to exaggerate the contrast, because my camera doesn’t do that. And another thing… I mostly keep my white balance on cloudy. That’s a trick that I learned at the photo course.

74/366 I wish I could go into that old and decrepit house and have a photoshoot there. Is it wrong? The thing is, you can’t really see it from down in the street. But from my faculty, it’s another story. You can almost jump into the back yard, if one wishes to try the extreme.

75/366 A day that had it all. It started with rain/snow/mixture of the two. Then, at around 12, the sky began to show some sun. Caught beautiful clouds with my phone, but I decided to stick to camera photos throughout this project, so there it is. First picture of the day, around 9 a.m.

76/366 Imagine spring. There you have it. Green, earth, life. In all its beauty, really. In my grandma’s garden. I should take you there someday. And children would probably love the picnics and the sun and the grass. And the flowers. And I’ll wake up in the meantime.

P.s. The previous theme was nice, but the pictures were too small.

P.p.s. If you wish to see the pictures at their original size, try visiting my Facebook page (you have the link down at the bottom).


P.p.p.s. St.Patrick’s celebrations tomorrow, in the old part of the city. Thinking of joining in ;) Will post photos.


4 thoughts on “71/366-76/366

  1. Nice photos!!
    Love specially the last one; it reminds me on a picture that I took at the end of the winter when I lived in Denmark; and the self porstrait is great, I like the contrast of your hair and eye.

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