A story of green

I don’t fancy celebrating international holidays or events, like Valentine’s or Halloween. Maybe because they’re American?!? But the Irish are a different story.

Green is not my favorite color.

I don’t particularly enjoy drinking beer either.

So yesterday was not a day for green and beer. But I indeed put on a green scarf to match the atmosphere, like Irina suggested. In the end, she didn’t match with the atmosphere at all. :)) Except maybe the pants, which looked a bit Scottish to me. But the fun was there.

There were lots of people gathered in the old city. Many with cameras. About 20 with DSLRs. I sat next to a guy who had this cool lens attached to his camera. If I didn’t know any better, I would have drooled then and there.

I will tell you the story of yesterday in pictures. Follow me and read the comments. Enjoy!

All pictures shot with Nikon D7000 and 55-200mm lens.

Obviously the biggest mascot in the area! Represents a leprechaun. Everybody wanted to catch him.

The ones with the best view there:

Awesome glasses, dude, where did you get them from?

A redhead under disguise.

And then the dancing began. I must say they were pretty good. Very focused and all that. The young lady in the next picture kept smiling, all the way through her performance, which I thought was pretty thoughtful of her. The rest were all so serious.

This kid, his name was Stefan. He rocked the floor. I mean, he was really good. He started in a calm tempo and finished in such a high speed I thought he was on batteries or something. I shot him at continuous high speed and caught him in all possible flying poses. He kept his head high at all times and the same posture throughout. Hat off for you, kid!

I liked the clover in the hair of the presenter. Can someone get me one of those?

The audience was paying attention, despite of young age.

Or not so much attention…

And then came this band from Hungary. The lead vocals kept saying “Multumesc” after each song, which was nice of him. The people liked the music, and were moving in tune, partially due to the chilly air.

They were dressed in costumes and such, with robes, caps and various accessories. The one dressed like in a Robin Hood story had these cute shoes on.

This kid won a Guiness hat, by answering a question about the ingredients found in the beer. I wish he didn’t know so many things about beer :))


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