77/366 Masked girl waiting to start dancing on the stage, on St.Patrick’s Day.

78/366 The irony of the situation. No hanging flowers. But instead, a vase with flowers. Romanians do weird things.

79/366 From the same area, of Romanians being quite smart. Different colors, living together.

80/366 I wish I had someone who could take photos of me constantly. Do the crazy photos, and feel at ease around him/her. I like taking pictures of my friends. But then I find these cool poses that I would love to try some time, but it isn’t the same when someone else tries to do it. My head is my head only. And in photography, it’s a bugger.

81/366 No mood for photos today. Just a shot of a random thing. Didn’t want to carry my camera along with me, to the doctor’s, the library and British Council. And uni.

82/366 Warm weather. I ate lunch with grandma outside today. Her garden is slowly turning green.

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