83/366 My first time at the Ateneul Roman. And I loved it. Beautiful inside, outside and in heart.

84/366 My first time at the Chinese “Dragonul Rosu”. Went for the restaurant and supermarkets, not for clothes and such. Ate this soup, which had beef and noodles in it. Yum, but it was too much, couldn’t finish it. Above, I believe it to be a Chinese lamp, seen from below.

85/366 Duo in the sky. What if we could fly like that? With no worries, except food and family and cold?

86/366 Grandma’s house, part of the roof, as seen from the street. Didn’t go in, this time. And to think that just a couple of weeks ago, the whole roof was covered in snow.

87/366 A history of photography. It is not in the order of megapixels, not even in the order I used them. It’s in the order of innovation. Can’t really say what’s my favorite, given that I only own one of them, theoretically. I have a film in the Kiev, which is almost one year old. Last year, on the 1st of May, I began shooting with it and haven’t finished yet. But no problem, the camera lasted with 20 years old film inside. Oh, and the D7000 is in my hand, obviously.

88/366 It’s a very sad photo, this one. In my opinion. Nothing special about it, maybe the decrease in saturation that I applied. At least the flower doesn’t overlap something in the background.


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