89/366 If you look closely around you, you find shapes and faces in all things made by God. You pass them every day and not a single glance is thrown towards them. And they are sad because of that, or so I like to believe. And every time a person looks at them, they smile. And they are happy. Even if it’s for only an instant, even if it lasts only for a glance. Until the next glance and the next smile. The light in the picture above looks like the face of a teddy bear. Or so I like to believe.

90/366 Spring surely knows how to choose her colors. I mean, just look around you. Look at the sky. More often, it associates with another color, to form like an alliance. A perfect combination that glorifies each of them in turn and together as one. My grandma’s peach tree doesn’t have too many flowers. It never gives too many peaches either. But one doesn’t care about that, do they? I don’t think that numbers make the beauty.

91/366 I like the black and white version of this photo. It really emphasizes the subject. It was a hard thing to do, with so many people in front of me. But some times, I like the depth of field effect that shows up on people’s silhouettes.

92/366 Building is expensive nowadays. Even at boardgames. And when you play for the first time, the amount of information is huge. They keep explaining you stuff and you forget most of it. Until you finally play and get the hang of it.

93/366 Truly green. I wonder what goes on inside of leaves… Do you think leaves have that “blood” rushing through them, like the veins of a human? Life pumping through each particle, looking for the sun and photosynthesis? What if people worked like that as well? They would look for light more, I think.

94/366 I have been told recently that, in Barcelona, they have lots of beautiful parks all over the city. I don’t disagree. But you know, I think our city has beautiful parks as well. Not many, but beautiful. This one, for example, is situated near a junction in my neighborhood. Near a McDonald’s and a gas station. It is often “haunted” by homeless people. Not the cleanest of parks sometimes, either. But I like it. Small. Nothing fancy. I think there are benches as well. And I don’t care that it also comes with all the things I mentioned above.


2 thoughts on “89/366-94/366

  1. Nice photos!!
    I wonder how thephoto in black and white would look like if you use selective colouring; like desaturating all the photo but leaving color in the artist.

    The last 2 photos are so awesome!

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