95/366 While I was working on the contrast of this picture, I realized why this whole area has turned into a huge construction site. It is meant to build the new subway line. The Universitate is now barely accessible coming from the old part of the city and the sidewalk is also blocked. You can see the building of the university, the Intercontinental Hotel and one of the cranes used for construction.

96/366 A very warm day in the park. It was a chance that I took to leave the house, even if it’s only for having to return from somewhere. I always liked the alleys in this park, they make nice graphics in a picture.

97/366 I don’t want this project to be a technically correct one. I want to make my own rules, post photos that I enjoy or not so much, but at least, I’m not answering to anyone else. If my mind accepts a picture as being worth putting my stamp on, then I’ll go with it. For better or for worse, I’ll continue to take pictures.

98/366 It says “Jesus Christ is The Lord”. Took photos of a groom getting ready for the wedding. I will post those pictures in a couple of weeks, with a full account of this morning.

99/366 Rainy morning.

100/366 Made it through the 100 photo!!! So I got my album out and spread some photos just to make it clear for everyone :)) ┬áThe oldest from the pack is a photo taken by my uncle, and it’s me and my cousin in my grandma’s garden. Don’t remember our ages, though, maybe my cousin will be nice enough to remember :D Then there are pictures from 2009, England, France and Netherlands… Then two pictures from last autumn. Oh, and one from the Moldavian monasteries in the north of Romania.

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