107/366 Protesting on top of a crane. Can’t estimate how high it was, but he has courage to go up there. Naked.

The whole set of today can be found at https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.3682864400672.2157850.1546969948&type=1.

108/366 How fast can clouds change color? Or they can’t? Are they born with one color and stick to it until they vanish? And when they disappear, where do they go?

Caught in Unirii Park, sitting on the grass.

109/366 Apple pie. Reminds me of the pie I baked a while ago. Turned out pretty good.

110/366 The Europa League Cup of 2012 is shown these days at the Universitate subway station in Bucharest. The city will be hosting the final this year. Looking forward to see some color in this city. Picture taken with iPhone.

111/366 The green escape. I had already put my camera inside, but I said “Oh, what the heck…?” and took it out again to shoot this man reading his newspaper, caught in the middle of all this green. It was either this picture, or another one with a flower.

112/366 Old lady begging. Went to a part of the city where I hadn’t been before. Peaceful, yet crowded.



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