125/366 4+2.

126/366 Apparently, the moon was quite big this evening. Didn’t look like that to me. Had to crop it and increase contrast to get the above. Oh, and adjusted the exposure in RAW.

127/366 Out of a common picture, I tried to make something nice… I like the way the colors turned out after increasing contrast and decreasing saturation. A feeling of old, right?

128/366 Remember the jar from Day 11?┬áThese are the things inside it. I keep it near my bed, but I don’t always look at it. Maybe that’s why some days I feel different. Because I forget what I wrote in there. Lucky me, I have the same things written in a note on my phone, so when I feel like it I read them there. Besides, these little papers would be too difficult to untie and tie back again. My dreams, wishes and motivations.

129/366 Have I told you how much I like to draw? I do like it, very much. Looks like the artist in me doesn’t want to stick only to photography, it wants to try other arts as well. I used to enjoy painting when I was in secondary school. The teacher even suggested me going to an arts high school. I wish photography had caught me then, maybe she would have seen it in me and would have suggested something different. After all, photography is painting with light, right? Anyway, I don’t particularly remember when I started drawing, probably it was around the same time with the painting spree, whenever the teacher said that we should start sketching first, and then filling everything with color. Then it sort of came back to me when I was in Italy and I bought this Moleskine pocket notebook at a super sale, for only 5 euro. They are usually pretty expensive piece of …. papers :D. So imagine me, looking at this small notebook with thick papers, just sitting there, thrown in a corner, with only 5 euro. So I got it. Money well spent. Don’t want to finish it too soon, maybe that’s why i’m taking my time with drawing in it. It’s mostly for reproducing other works of art, especially photographs taken by famous people. You may ask, how can you draw after a photograph? Easy. I only choose photos that are either in black and white or have an increased contrast that can help me transform them into grey drawings. Want to see some examples? There’s one here, another one here, the first attempt here, and an early attempt here as well. To wrap everything with a red ribbon, the above picture is a kind of tribute to my pencils. I don’t believe I used them, like I said I only do grey stuff. In fact, I bought them for photographic purposes, if you remember…

130/366 It’s raining. I wish I had a 300mm in my zoom, to catch one drop of water on a leaf. Not the whole picture, just that drop and the leaf it stands on. Of course, you may argue and go for a crop, but I don’t want to do that. Macro is macro, not cropping and saying it’s macro. Not when it’s about water drops.


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