131/366 Not in focus. Obviously. It’s a pretty huge crop. And a lot of noise in it. But today wasn’t a good day for science, like they say.

132/366 How would it be like to look at yourself in the mirror and see the reflection only in shades of black and white? Would you be frightened to see you look mostly black?

133/366 I pass by this corner almost everyday, except the days I don’t go out. I don’t know if any new graffiti has been added recently, but I like the aspect. And the fact that it says “Fred” so clearly. Usually, graffiti is not so easily understood. Picture taken with phone.

134/366 I admit I didn’t know the name of this flower in English. And when I translated online, it turned out it is called “peony”. Sounds like “pony” to me. Well, to make it clear for my Romanian readers, it’s “bujor”. Grandma has these in her garden and apparently it’s their season right now. These two are pretty small buds, not completely bloomed. Light comes from my desk lamp.

135/366 Work in progress. This is what the drawing from the post below looked like at some point in time. You can see the original next to it.

136/366 Awful day for everything that was planned. Ruined the whole day between police, university and again the police. Theater got cancelled, bugger. All the formalities for getting a new ID are postponed for next week, cause apparently the chief of the family has to accompany the poor little lamb who doesn’t know which way to go in life. Next thing you know, they’ll be asking for the whole family to attend to the formalities… To calm myself down, I WALKED all the way home. Don’t know how many kilometers, but I needed that walk. The sun was at times hiding behind the clouds and it was a nice atmosphere. The kind just before a storm/rain. (Now it’s raining, for example.) And I passed by my park, as I like to call it. Everybody calls it IOR (although now it’s officially Alexandru Ioan Cuza), but I like to call it my park. Gives me a sense of  peace. And maybe because I like it very much, I tend to make a lot of publicity over it.

I’m gonna post another photo, of one of the entrances to the park.  It has the statue of the guy it is named after. There’s also a row of fountains leading to a round patch of roses.


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