137/366 The sky was beautiful today. It’s a shame this photograph doesn’t do it justice. The dark building is my university. Applied warm filter at 100% in Photoshop and increased contrast.

138/366 Toast with jam. My cousin’s jam. Strawberry and vanilla. Really liked the depth of field, the focus being somewhere near the corner of the toast. I also like the way the focus drops also on the purple mat that sits under the plate. There is a nice geometry in the photo as well, two round shapes and one cornered. Not to mention the frame of the picture, also cornered. Applied warm filter at 100% in Photoshop and increased to full contrast.

139/366 My Moleskine has eaten my pen. If I talked so much about creativity lately, I couldn’t forget about the side of me who likes to write. I regret not having started sooner, maybe I would have seen things clearer in the past. It helps me understand my feelings, I let everything out on paper. Because I know it cannot reply and it won’t try to judge me, as people do. In the photo above, focus is on the tip of the pen. Added warm filter in Photoshop and increased to full contrast. The Moleskine above is just a planner, I don’t write much in it, except for appointments and phone numbers, but yesterday I watched this movie called “Invictus” and I felt the need to write some quotes from it and the first which came to hand was the planner, which now has a small page already full with two quotes. Ruined the space for the whole weekend, but at least I keep my quotes somewhere, to not forget them.

140/366 Noaptea scurtelor iubiri eterne. Cam asa.

141/366 The smile that hides so many things. Evening out with the girls. I think each of us three needed this meeting. To talk about stuff, to let it all out. And what was planned, failed. What was not planned, succeeded wonderfully. If there is still something left unsaid, then it’s in the deepest corner of our hearts. And there it will remain. Unspoken, unheard, unintended.

Increased contrast, decreased saturation, added warm filter.

142/366 In nocturna. Ma agat de tot. Un film prost, o porecla…. Cum iese “licurici” din “Niculescu”? De abia ma abtin sa nu inchid ochii. Dar inima mi-e deschisa.

Vreau un vis.

Hai sa o luam de la zero. Pe mine ma cheama Ioana. Tu… cine esti?


2 thoughts on “137/366-142/366

    1. Thank you, Pablo! It means a lot.
      I wouldn’t say “improved” a lot, but rather…looking for different things to photograph and trying not to make it look like a boring project.

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