Pencil-mole 2

Meet my friend, H…. S.H.

I’ve met him a while ago… I believe I was in high school when we first saw each other. I had a subscription for the British Council and for the first time, I jumped on the idea of reading in English. There was a time when I preferred English over my own language. I had no idea that Sir Arthur Conan Doyle had written him. I was a fan of “The Lost World” on TV, but who would have known I would meet Sherlock later on? Read most of his cases. Was surprised by his wit. He’s the cleverest man I know. Or rather… was. Or rather… the cleverest man I ever knew in a book.

Work time: around one hour. I was inspired by a drawing I found on tumblr.

Date: 30th of May, 14:00-ish.

Equipment: Moleskine, pencil, pen for the fill and eraser.



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