Instants 3

Acesta este un aparat foto pe film, Kiev 4, primit de la bunicul meu. Acum 2 ani, daca nu ma insel. Nu eram pasionata de analog. Nu pot spune ca sunt, nici acum, doua filme mai tarziu. Dovada? Acest ultim film a vazut lumina zilei astazi, dupa un an de zile si mai mult. In 2011, pe 1 mai, incepeam sa trag cu el in parc in Herastrau, la o iesire cu grupul de la biserica de la Corina. Ce zi faina a fost! Eu cu doua aparate dupa mine… Filmul este expirat, adica pelicula aceea fotosensibila nu mai este atat de sensibila cat scrie pe cutie.

This is a film camera, Kiev 4, that I received from my grandpa 2 years ago, if I’m not mistaken. I wasn’t too passionate about analog photography. Can’t say I am, not even now, after two rolls. The proof? This last film saw daylight today, after a little over one year. In 2011, on the 1st of May, I began shooting in a park, at a meeting with some friends. I was carrying two cameras with me. Awesome day. The film has passed its process-before date, meaning the film isn’t as sensitive to light as it’s written on the box.


Ieri mai aveam 6 cadre, dupa afisajul rudimentar al aparatului. Cred ca pana la urma am tras mai multe. Si era o lumina asa faina afara, sper ca Nikonul micut al Irinei a citit bine expunerea, ca altfel…. nu stiu ce s-a ales de cadrele alea.

Yesterday I had 6 more frames, according to the ancient display. In the end, I believe there were more. It was such a nice light outside. I hope that Irina’s small Nikon read the exposure correctly, otherwise I don’t know how the pictures will turn out.


Cand am ajuns acasa, am tras filmul inapoi, manual. Azi de dimineata cand am deschis aparatul: surpriza! Asa de bine l-am tras, ca a intrat cu totul in caseta! Am dat o cautare pe internet si am vazut ca nu e tragic. Fugi la Kodak si spera ca o sa fie totul bine. A fost. Aveau “picker”. Un dispozitiv care trage capatul filmului din caseta. Pfiu! Maine vedem ce a iesit. Maine o sa vad ce am fotografiat acum un an de zile si cum arata fotografiile “expirate”.

When I got home, I rewound the film, manually. This morning, when I opened the case: surprise! The film was entirely rolled inside. I searched the net and saw it’s not a big deal. Run over to Kodak and hope it will turn out ok. It did. They had this “picker” device which can grab the end of the film from its case. Phew! Tomorrow we’ll see what pictures I took a year ago and how “expired” photos look like.


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