O rola, doua role…

Frumusetea unui aparat pe film o vad numai cei care au avut onoarea sa apese pe un buton pe jumatate intepenit, au tras filmul manual si au inlocuit rola de film cu o alta. Sa nu mai zic de setarile de baza, facute dupa un al saselea simt (pentru ca aparatul adesea are stricate tocmai functiile de masurare a expunerii) sau dupa o masurare cu un aparat digital. Asa ca ce sa mai zic de mine, care m-am trezit cu el picat din cer, nu stiam cu ce se mananca si invatata sa ma duc la centrele foto din oras sa cersesc o schimbare de film si eventual un mic training in “aparate vechi rusesti”. Noroc ca am dat peste oameni de treaba, care fie s-au simtit onorati, fie erau condusi de spiritul de business si au cerut sa mi-l cumpere. Bine am facut ca nu l-am dat.

Eu de la film nu cer claritatea aceea specifica digitalului. Cer efectul fain de film vechi, pe care l-am obtinut si mai jos, in special la portrete. Cat am investit? Cam 10 lei filmul expirat si 19 lei developarea, scanarea si CD-ul cu fotografiile scanate.

FOTOGRAFII NEPROCESATE ulterior, tin sa mentionez, ca sa nu fie niciun dubiu. Doar semnatura si atat.


The beauty of an analog camera can be understood only by people who had the honor to press a half-stuck shutter release button, to rewind the film manually and replace the roll. Not to mention the basic settings, either set according to a sixth sense (the exposure measurement function is often not working anymore) or after measuring with a digital camera beforehand. So what more could I say, me getting it out of chance, not knowing how to handle it and accustomed to begging at photo centers downtown for a change of roll and maybe a small training in “old Russian cameras”. Lucky me I ran into nice people, who either felt honored or were led by the business spirit and asked me to sell them the camera. Good thing that I didn’t.

THESE PHOTOS WEREN’T PROCESSED in any way after the scanning. Just to make things clear. Only the signature and that’s all.


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