167/366 La firul ierbii.

At grass level.

168/366 In drum, pe tren, sub nori, sezand.

On my way, on the train, under the clouds, sitting.

169/366 Oricat am vrea, nu putem imita pe altii. Nu ne vor iesi pasii, nu ne vor iesi cuvintele, nu ne vor iesi gesturile. Daca am fi macar doi la fel, ne-am plictisi unul de celalalt. Si va lipsi provocarea de a gasi in celalalt ce nu avem in noi.

As much as we would like, we can’t imitate others. Our steps will be different, our words will be different, our gestures will be different. If there were two of us alike, we would get bored of each other. And we would miss the challenge of finding in the other person what we lack ourselves.

170/366 Daca nu-ti ies pasii, mergi cu inima.

If walking with your feet fails, try doing it with your heart instead.

171/366 Apa pe Marte.

Water on Mars.

172/366 Azi a contat mult pentru mine sa spun “multumesc!”, “sarut mana!” si “mersi!”. Pentru ca indiferent de cum te simti, o parte din tine este mai putin egoista si se gandeste si la cei din jur. P.S. Tocmai am terminat-o cu scoala.

Today, it mattered a lot to me to say “thank you!” and “thanks!”. Because no matter how you feel, there’s a part of you which is less selfish and thinks about others as well. P.S. I just finished with education, school and everything connected to studying.

2 thoughts on “167/366-172/366

    1. Thank you, Pablo! Hopefully you’ll get a holiday soon as well, I read that you’re in university most of the time…

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