Lost in a good book

“Marriage, like spinach and opera, was something I had never thought I would like. I changed my mind about opera when I was nine years old. My father took me to the first night of Madame Butterfly at Brescia in 1904. After the performance Dad cooked while Puccini regaled me with hilarious stories and signed my autograph book – from that day on I was a devoted fan. In the same way, it took being in love with Landen to change my mind about marriage. I found it exciting and exhilarating; two people, together, as one. It was where I was meant to be. I was happy; I was contented; I was fulfilled. And spinach? Well, I’m still waiting.”

” ‘We spend our days surprised, Mrs.Hathaway34.’ ”

“We didn’t know the nature of lightning or rainbows for three and a half million years, pet. Don’t reject it just because it seems impossible.”

” ‘Jurisfiction has eyes and ears everywhere, Miss Next.’

‘Plain English, Snell – or I could turn out to be the most difficult client you ever had.’ ”

” ‘Never be sorry, girl – it’s a waste of time, believe me.’ ”

” ‘I may summon you at any time and you will come running. Only funerals, childbirth or Vivaldi concerts take precedence.’ ” :))

” ‘For love? Pah!’ she responded, dismissing Estella with a wave of her hand in case the young woman got any odd ideas. ‘And what, in your tragically limited experience, is that?’

‘I think you know, ma’am. You were in love once, I believe?’

‘Stuff and nonsense, girl!’

‘Isn’t the pain you feel now the equal to the love you felt then?’

‘You’re coming perilously close to contravening my rule two, girl!’

‘I’ll tell you what love is’, I said. ‘It is blind devotion, unquestioning self-humiliation, utter submission, trust and belief, giving up your whole heart and soul to the smiter!’

‘That was quite good’, said Havisham, looking at me curiously. ‘Could I use that? Dickens won’t mind.’ “

V-a fost dor de carti? Da, si mie. Am luat la mana volumul doi din seria Thursday Next a lui Jasper Fforde, primul volum citindu-l acum mai bine de un an. Si a fost genul de fantasy pe care nu-l mai citisem si pe care nu-l puteam compara cu Harry Potter in niciun fel, desi avea ceva magic. Este, de fapt, destul de departe de Harry Potter ca si adancime, si o lectura mult mai bogata in umor. Daca ati citit cartea lui Hugh Laurie (da, faimosul House a scris si el un roman), ati gasi cateva asemanari in ceea ce priveste umorul. Laurie are si o ironie care te face sa citesti de 5 ori propozitia ca sa-ti dai seama ce vrea sa zica. Pe Fforde il intelegi de la o singura recitire.

Despre ce e vorba? Pai…. voi cand cititi o carte nu porniti un film in capul vostru? Nu va imaginati cum arata personajele si cum se misca, pe masura ce cititi dialogul si povestea? Eu zic ca da. Ei bine, Fforde a inventat conceptul de book-travel, sau intratul in carti. Personajul principal intra si iese din carti, vorbeste cu personajele si dezleaga mistere. Un fel de roman cu detectivi, dar “with a twist” cum zic americanii. Un twist imposibil in lumea reala, dar pe masura ce filmul porneste, iti dai seama ca totul e posibil in imaginatia ta. E un fel de inception, dar cu carti. Pana si personajele din cartile in care intra sunt atat de funny uneori, ca te si intrebi “Oare asa arata Miss Havisham din Marile Sperante?”

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