One day

(cand isi numara fostele iubite, prezente la aceeasi nunta ca si el) “Five ex-lovers in one small chapel. Was this some kind of record? Should there be extra points for the bride? No sign of Emma Morley yet. With Emma, five-and-a-half.”

Incep prin a spune ca am vazut mai intai filmul si de abia acum am citit cartea. Am dat intamplator de ea la Consiliul Britanic. Nu am cautat-o. Mi-a sarit in ochi si mi-am adus aminte de film. Scenariul asta atat de tipic si totusi atat de…. magic. Cartea are mult mai multe dialoguri frumoase intre doi oameni care se iubeau fara s-o stie. Fara sa si-o spuna.

“So I’ve given this whole ‘growing old’ thing some thought and I’ve come to the decision that I’d like to stay exactly as I am right now.”

” ‘So what about this Emma?’

‘ Emma’s just a friend.’

‘Is she now? Well I’m not so sure. In fact I think she likes you.’

‘Everyone likes me. It’s my curse.’ “

“You can’t throw years of you life away because it makes a funny anecdote.”

“The main thing is that I think about you a lot, that’s all. Dex and Em, Em and Dex. Call me sentimental, but there’s no-one in the world that I’d like to see get dysentery more than you.” 

” ‘Dexter has a very short attention span. Like a baby. Or a monkey. You need to dangle something shiny in front of him.’ That’s what this girl is, she thought: something shiny.

‘So you think it’s true what they say? About girls liking bastards.’

‘He’s not a bastard. He’s an idiot.’

‘Do girls like idiots then?’ “

“Oh you know me. I have no emotions. I’m a robot. Or a nun. A robot nun.”

” ‘No, really, what happened.’

‘I got to know you. You cured me of you.’

‘Well I want to read these poems. What rhymes with <<Dexter>>?’

‘<<Bastard>>. It’s a half-rhyme.’ “

“He’s a better person when she’s around, and isn’t that what friends are for, to raise you up and keep you at your best? Emma is his talisman, his lucky charm, and now she won’t be there and his mother won’t be there and he will wonder why he’s doing it all.”

” ‘Dexter, I love you so much. So, so much, and I probably always will.’ Her lips touched his cheek. ‘I just don’t like you anymore. I’m sorry.’ “

“Sometimes you are aware when your great moments are happening, and sometimes they rise from the past. Perhaps it’s the same with people.” James Salter, Burning the Days.

“I want my best friend back, she thinks, because without him nothing is good and nothing is right.”

” ‘People love you, Dex, they really do. Problem is, they love you in an ironic, tongue-in-cheek, love-to-hate kind of way. What we need to do is get someone to love you sincerely…’ “

” ‘I mean it, if you lead me on or let me down or go behind my back, I will murder you. I swear to God, I will eat your heart.’ “

” ‘Emma, will you be my flatmate?’

‘Finally!’ she mumbles. ‘Dex, it’s all that I’ve lived for.’ “


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