Photos from Bucharest International Air Show

M-am trezit cu chef de avioane. E foarte important sa mergi cu chef la astfel de evenimente. Daca chef nu e, nimic nu e. Nici macar fotografie. Asa ca ce mai conta ora de trezire? Banalul 6.00 ma privea de pe ecranul telefonului, langa un buton de snooze. Am apasat insa stop, si am pornit la intalnirea cu grupul. Nu aveam de gand sa socializez prea mult, decat daca veneau persoane cunoscute. N-au venit, asa ca m-am rezumat la a urma turma si a parasi-o odata ajunsi la destinatie. A fost un drum de vreo 30 de minute pana la aeroport. Am dat mai intai peste o expozitie cu avioane de tot felul.

I woke up with the mood to see some planes. It’s very important to attend these events while having the mood for them. If there’s no mood, there’s nothing. Not even photography. So what did it matter that I had to wake up at a certain hour? The boring clock showing 6.00 a.m. was looking at me from the phone display, next to a snooze button. I pressed stop instead and went to meet the group. I wasn’t planning on socializing, unless people that I know also came. They didn’t show up, so I just followed the pack and left it once we arrived at the destination. It was a 30 minutes walk to the airport. I ran into this plane exhibition first.

Si apoi a urmat show-ul. Sincer, fiind primul eveniment de tipul asta la care particip, nu stiam la ce sa ma astept. De unde decoleaza? Ar trebui sa ma duc langa pista, cum faceau ceilalti? Pana la urma am ramas asezata, la umbra, poate era mai bine daca mergeam langa pista… Dar am vazut aproape tot, singurul lucru pe care l-am ratat era ceea ce se intampla la sol, pe pista, aterizari, salvari si decolari. Nici nu am tinut neaparat sa le vad, sa nu mai zic de soarele care m-a dat gata dupa 2 ore jumatate si m-a facut sa ma intorc acasa, fara sa ii vad pe italieni, care am inteles ca au facut spectacol fain. Dar i-am vazut pe turcii de la Turkish Stars, cu un comentator ce se voia a fi un ajutor, dar romanii radeau de el ca la stand-up comedy. Tabloul nu putea fi complet fara Pavel Bartos, care desi nu stia detalii tehnice, ne tot aducea aminte de copiii si bagajele nesupravegheate. Per total, cald si placut acest spectacol. Apreciam foarte mult de dinainte aeroporturile si avioanele, acum parca imi sunt si mai dragi. Bucurati-va de fotografii! Mai multe fotografii aici.

And then there was the actual show. Honestly, being the first event of this type that I attend, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Where do they take off from? Should I be nearer to the runway, like the others? In the end, I remained seated, in the shadow, maybe it would have been better to go closer to the runway… But I saw almost everything, the only thing I missed was what was happening at ground level, on the runway, like landings, saving maneuvers and take-offs. I wasn’t too anxious to see those anyway, not to mention the sun, which got the best of me after two and a half hours and made me go home, without seeing the Italians, who did quite a show as far as I understood. But I saw the Turks from Turkish Stars, with their own spokes-person who wanted to be of help, but the Romanians were laughing like it was a stand-up comedy show. The picture couldn’t be complete without our very own Pavel Bartos who, even though he didn’t know technical details, was constantly reminding us about the unattended children and baggage. Over all, it was a warm and pleasant show. I have been a fan of airports and airplanes for a while, but now I like them even more. Enjoy the photos! More photos here.



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