210/366 Oare ce o astepta? Sau pe cine?

What is he waiting for? Or whom?

211/366 Zen-ul poate lua atatea forme. Aseara a fost relaxarea dintr-o conversatie si un loc placut vederii.

Being zen could mean a lot of things. Last night it was the chill from a conversation and a pleasant restaurant.

212/366 Imi plac trenurile. Imi place sa merg cu trenul. Dar cand nu am treaba personal la gara, ma intristeaza locul asta.

I like trains. I like traveling with trains. But when I don’t leave or arrive in the train station and have no personal business there, that place makes me sad.

213/366 Ascundeti-va intr-o carte! Scufundati-va complet in ea si lasati-o sa va inconjoare. Nu o sa va sufoce, va puteti desprinde oricand din ea. Dar va ajuta si nici nu simtiti ca va ajuta. E ca si cum si-ar deschide bratele si v-ar imbratisa, dar nu ati simti nimic.

Hide within a book. Dive completely in it and let it surround you. It won’t make you choke, you can detach yourselves at any time. But it helps you and you don’t even feel it. It’s like it spreads its arms wide and gives you a hug, and you don’t feel anything.


214/366 Cunosc doua persoane care imbratiseaza mult si des. Ea este una din ele.

I know two people who hug a lot and often. She is one of them.

215/366 Momentul zen de astazi. Vorba cantecului.

Today’s zen moment. Like the lyrics of that song: milk and toast and honey.


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